Hello! I’m Elisa, a foodie romantic. I have been a lifelong vegetarian & have turned the page to veganism. My next chapter was to re-educate myself about the gluten-free & allergy-friendly lifestyle.

Since my food journey began, I have discovered I have numerous food intolerances. With countless hours, flours, and tears plus over one full year in the kitchen, I’ve cracked the gluten-free & allergy-friendly code!

My passion is to help others rediscover food: we are currently in a food epidemic. The foods that once nourished our bodies are turning against us and leaving many unhappy bellies in its wake.

My site, Eating Whole, provides a healthy, delicious, and fun cooking experience for everyone from the culinary-challenged to the most adept chef. My recipes are all vegan, free of gluten, dairy, eggs, tapioca starch/flour, xanthan gum, and all can be made allergy-friendly, pertaining to your needs.

My goal is to help not only people with food intolerances, but to help everyone get on the healthy track of life. I will show you how easy it is to eat a plant-based & allergy-friendly diet, without missing your favorite foods!

I am also starting to sell the world’s finest chlorella powder, which I hope you will buy from me too! This stuff has been lifechanging in my health journey, I believe it’s one of the most powerful vegan superfoods there is.

Enjoy eating whole!